Shouldn’t your envelopes look as great as your invitations?  Custom envelope addressing is like wrapping a special gift.  We use computer calligraphy, to match your invitation fonts and colors, which results in a beautiful presentation to your guests.   Traditional addressing directly on the envelope or decorative “icing” (labels) will add a touch of elegance to your invitations. This is much less expensive than hand written calligraphy.  We provide an envelope addressing template in Excel format.  An electronic proof of your envelopes will be sent via e-mail.
YES!  We provide envelope addressing services to clients who have not purchased their invitations from us.  Invitation clients will receive a discounted rate.


Outer Envelope

$25 set up fee
$1.00 per guest address
$.40 per return address


Inner and Outer Envelopes

$35 set up fee
$1.00 per guest address
$.40 per return  address
$.50 per inner envelope